Economic burden of illness in Canada

Economic burden of illness in Canada: How much does it cost to sick?

The estimated economic burden of illness in Canada amounted to $192.8 billion in 2008. It increased by 14 percent from 2005. This is the latest available data provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Every few years it issues a study “The economic burden of illness in Canada” (EBIC). So where was the money going in 2010? One could think that the largest amount of money was distributed to patients older than 75 years. But it was not quite the case. Only 18 percent of totals costs were spent on this group, mostly on hospital care. Another third was distributed to middle-aged patients (from 35 to 54 years). The largest part of funds was spent on drugs and physician care. If we look at gender distribution, then total costs were higher for females compared to males. The latter required more spending on hospital care and morbidity, and less – on drugs. The previous EBIC reports were published in 1998, 1993 and 1986.


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